Why CD Technologies

Many companies believe that they have the resources necessary to handle offshore suppliers themselves. What they don't always realize, however, is the ongoing commitment of time, money, and staff that is needed to keep that relationship running smoothly. Often, this commitment can be the difference between success and failure in off-shore manufacturing.

Regular travel to Asia is both time consuming and costly. Once you arrive, it takes time to survey and qualify sources. Once you find quality sourcing, maintaining the relationship with regular trips would soon become necessary.

Constant monitoring of quality and scheduling from halfway around the globe is difficult, at best. We have dedicated employees that are constantly visible in the factories where we have partnered. In some cases, they work full-time, side-by-side with production personnel to be certain that everything continues to flow smoothly and to make certain that our customers are never caught off guard by delays or quality issues if they were to arise. CD Technologies assumes full responsibility for quality and delivery issues.

Our job is to make your business more cost effective and efficient!

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